Wastewater Treatment

WESCOR supplies a complete line of industrial wastewater treatment equipment, filtration systems, and chemistries for use in most water treatment applications, including filter presses and more. Call us at 1-866-952-6523 today!

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One of the most appealing features of the VFOLD belt press for industrial and municipal dewatering applications is that it can, in many situations, be configured to operate as a standalone system. While typical dewatering systems often require a pre-treatment phase (such as by Dissolved Air Flotation), the VFOLD accepts wastewater directly by pump or by gravity, and treatment chemistry is injected inline. The complete system requires minimal maintenance, and delivers reliable treatment results that are consistent even when there may be upsets in the process.

For a variety of applications from food production to potable water treatment, from mining to metal plating, a filter press by WESCOR is capable of filtering liquid to a high degree of dryness, and often without the use of chemicals for conditioning. The re-usable filter cloth, which captures the solids and forms a filter cake, is available in sizes to suit a range of applications. The system offers a low maintenance way of dewatering solids unattended and reliably.

In addition to offering equipment and chemistries for your industrial and other wastewater treatment needs, WESCOR can also supply the operators to handle the processes. We can manage every aspect of your system's operation, including preventive maintenance, system reporting, inventory management and its day-to-day operation. Subcontracting these tasks to WESCOR means your staff can focus on the business that matters most: yours.

When your filtration need involves oily wastewater, the solution will involve chemical treatment technology, either in a continous flow or as batch processing. The key difference between the two systems is the flow of untreated wastewater. With a continuous flow design, the treated effluent exiting the system is equal in volume to the inflow of untreated wastewater. In batch processing, the system allows for adjustments to be made to each process, which is particularly useful when the wastewater to be treated is variable. A continuous flow system can process up to 6000 liters per hour, while the largest model batch equipment processes up to 3500 liters per batch.

One option for treating wastewater is a gravity filter bed system, which offers the capability of continuously filtering moderate to high contamination of a range of types by using media of different materials, weights and porosities. The media comes in a roll, and is a cost effective alternative to other filter systems. The gravity fed system operates simply: contaminated material is pumped onto the roll of filter media. Solids remain on top of the media while fluid drains through and collects below. Continuous operation is achieved by a level control sensor, which activates a conveyor when necessary.

Most wastewater treatment systems rely on introducing chemical(s) into the wastestream. Handling this early stage of the process effectively and accurately is essential to delivering predictable results in the later stages of the system. The chemicals need to be prepared properly and applied correctly, which is the role of WESCOR's chemical preparation and metering equipment. Whether your system uses dry or liquid chemicals, inline or through a feeder, we have the equipment to ensure high accuracy and maximum yield.

If you have an application for wastewater treatment, contact us today. We will customize a solution for your specific needs. Call us toll free at 1-866-952-6523 or fill out an inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.