Equipment, Chemistry & Services for Wastewater Treatment & Filtration

Equipment for the Treatment of Wastewater

From batch processes to continuous flow, whether through dewatering, chemicals or physical means, with or without an operator present, your wastewater treatment equipment solution is here. WESCOR designs, builds and integrates a complete line of equipment and chemistries to handle your wastewater needs.

End to End Systems for Wastewater Treatment

WESCOR not only designs and builds complete systems for particular applications, but we also offer ongoing services to keep the system running smoothly, both in terms of your daily operations and your cashflow. We can work with you to develop the design criteria for your project; arrange for on-site testing to verify the process functionality; establish, monitor and adjust the chemical program; manage your chemical inventory; handle regular preventative maintenance. We can even fully manage the day to day operations and reporting. Rental options, including warranties, are available to ensure monthly costs are predictable.

Eliminate the Need for Dissolved Air Flotation

The benefit of our ability to offer a complete line of equipment technologies and chemistries is the opportunity to customize a complete treatment process for your specific needs, taking into consideration not only the initial capital outlay, but also its impact on day-to-day operations. Our extensive equipment line-up in combination with our vast experience in many industries gives us the edge in designing wastewater treatment systems that fit the criteria. As an example, we can configure a system incorporating our Rotating Drum Thickener with a VFOLD Belt Filter Press that works well enough to eliminate the need for a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system, freeing up valuable floor area.

VFOLD Belt Filter Press

In addition to being a standalone unit not requiring pre-treatment with a Clarifier or DAF, this unit is a standout that provides initial liquid separation comparable to that produced by much larger conventional equipment. It accepts conditioned feed slurry and converts it through drainage and compression into a filter cake which may be deposited into a dumpster. Its slow-moving, self-tracking filter belt requires minimal maintenance.

Treating Oily Wastewater with Chemistry

Liquid waste that is not suitable for recycling or treatment with equipment can be managed with chemistry. WESCOR’s solidification products turn waste liquids into solids that can be handled safely and easily for off-site disposal. Our objectives in designing a chemistry-based water treatment program are to minimize chemical additions as well as off-site transportation costs.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

We have expertise in a wide range of industries and applications, from food production to metal finishing to pulp & paper and more. If you have an application for wastewater treatment, contact us today. We will customize a solution for your specific needs. Call us toll free at 1-866-952-6523 or fill out an inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.