Continuous Flow Treatment System

The CFT continuous flow treatment units integrate all treatment steps into a single treatment system.
An efficient design permits maximum water through-put in a minimal foot print.
Stainless Steel Construction

Automated control panel starts/stops system on demand

Integrated flocculation/coagulation tank(s) with variable speed agitators

Dry chemical hopper with variable speed feed system

Influent / effluent pumps

Gravity filter bed with variable speed gear motor and sludge dewatering roller

Compact footprint ranging from 6’x7′ to 13’x14′

pH Control

Additional chemical feed packages for liquid
or dry chemistry

Inline chemical mixing pre-treatment skid

Collection tanks

Operation Details

Continuous flow design utilizes chemical treatment technology. The equipment processes incoming wastewater on an ongoing basis. As water flows through the system it passes through the various treatment stages. A steady flow of untreated wastewater is transferred into the system, while an equal volume of treated effluent continuously exits the equipment. Typically a well equalilized wastestream is suitable. High wastewater throughput may be accomplished.

Continuous processing requires treatment tanks, agitation, chemical feed, pumping system, solids separation & filtration. This system may be configured to use dry granular or liquid chemistry.

Typical Applications

Oily Wastewater

Spent coolants & lubricants, parts washing water, vibratory finishing effluent, floor scrubber/mop buckets, emulsion splitting, pit/trench water, storm water/runoff

Food Production

CIP / Sanitization wastewater, food washing & preparation wastewater

Metal Finishing

Wash booth effluent, vibratory waste, phosphate treatment

General Industry

Paint water waste, equipment wash water, production tank clean-out

Printing & Corrugated Industry

Starch, metals, inks and adhesives


Heavy equipment wash water, tanker truck wash-out, turf care equipment


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