Bag Filters

Bag filters are sediment filters used for removal of solids from a liquid stream. Bag filters can be constructed of various materials specific to the application. Bag filtration uses either surface, or depth filtration dependant on the material of construction. Liquid flow is directed through a bag filter housing. As the liquid passes through the filter bag, particulate is retained with-in the bag. Filter bag change-out is determined by means of pressure drop across the bag filter.

Available Sizes: P1, P2, P3, P4

Material: Polyester Felt, Polypropylene Felt, Polyester Monofilament

Particle Removal: 400 – 5 micron

Features: Economical filtration, low maintenance, high dirt holding capacity, ability to remove soft or gelatinuous materials

Applications include: Water/Wastewater, Coolants, Wash Booths, Paints, Waxes, Acids, Alcohols, Oils, Solvents

Roll Media

Roll filter media is useful for high solids, or continuous operation applications. The disposable filter media is placed on a gravity filter bed. Fluid is transferred to the filter, then drains by gravity through the filter media. Solids are captured by the media and accumulate in the form of a filter cake. As the filter cake builds and the media becomes plugged, the filter advances depositing the filter cake and used filter material in a hopper for disposal.

WESCOR stocks a variety of roll filter media in various materials and weights. We also carry various rolls widths and lengths suitable to fit most filter beds.

Applications include: Water/Wastewater, Coolants, Phosphating, Wash Booths, Greenhouse Irrigation Water, Chemical Filtration, Nozzle Protection

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are suitable for low volume solids filtration when high removal efficiency is required. Cartridge filters are typically used for low micron rating filtration applications. Liquid is transferred into a cartridge filter housing under pressure. Solids are captured in the cartridge as the liquid pass through. As solids accumulate on the cartridge a pressure drop is created across the cartridge housing. Plugged cartridges are removed from the housing and disposed of.

Features: Low maintenance, Filtration to 0.1 micron, Cost effective

Applications include: Cooling Towers, Process Fluids, Water/Wastewater, Chemical Processing, Pre-filtration for Ion Exchange/Carbon Filtration/Reverse Osmosis


Granular Activated Carbon is an efficient means of removing a broad spectrum of contaminants from water and wastewater. It can be used as a standalone process, or is often combined with additional treatment methods in pre or post treatment configuration.

Carbon is suitable for removal of organic contaminants and chlorine in a wide range of concentrations.

Wescor offers GAC in various grades available in 50lb. bag, or Bulk bag packaging dependant on application requirement.

Contaminants removed include: Hydrocarbons, Aromatic Solvents, Chlorinated Compounds, Colour, Taste, Phenols, Pesticides, Micro Organics, Detergents

Organophillic Clay

Organophillic clay media is designed for removal of oil and similar light weight organics from water. Due to its significant surface area, it is capable of absorbing greater than 50% its weight in oil. Organo-clay is a granular material which is operated in a filtration vessel, or removable filter element.

Organo-clay maybe used a standalone treatment, or as a pre-treatment to carbon filtration systems. Organo-clay is capable of protecting downstream filters by removing oil which quickly plugs carbon media. Operating organo-clay as a pre-treatment to carbon is able to extend carbon bed life by up to 500x.

Applications include: Treatment of oil, grease and other high molecular weight hydrocarbons. Pretreatment to carbon filters, polishing of oil/water separator, waste treatment and stormwater effluent.