Media Filter Vessel

Media filtration provides effective treatment of suspended solids, dissolved organic and inorganic contaminants. WESCOR media filtration equipment is available for Single, Multi-Media or Granular Activated Carbon filtration of industrial effluent.
Carbon steel construction

Epoxy linings

Forklift pockets

Specialty linings
Duplex, triplex configuration
Interconnecting piping
Automatic backwash valves
Skid mounting

Operation Details

WESCOR multiMedia Filter Vessels and liquid phase carbon absorber units are available in sizes ranging from 5-500 gpm constructed of mild steel with epoxy coatings. Multi vessel systems can be designed to operate in parallel or series with manual or automated backwashing available.

WESCOR media filtration equipment is available for Single filtration, Multi-Media or Granular Activated Carbon filtration of industrial effluent. Media filtration provides effective treatment of suspended solids, or can be targeted to remove dissolved organic and inorganic contaminants with appropriate media selection. The large size and three dimensional nature of a media bed provides more surface area and has a greater holding capacity than many other types of filters.

Water to be treated is pumped through the filtration vessel and evenly distributed across the surface of the filtration media. As water flows downward through the vessel, particulate matter is captured within the media bed. Filtered water exits through a discharge manifold located in the bottom of the vessel. Material captured in the media bed accumulates and is then purged from the vessel by a short backwashing process which can be configured for manual, or automatic operation.

Sand Filtration

Sand filters are suited for general suspended solids removal of particles 20 microns in size and greater. Sand filtration is suitable for water re-use, pre-filtration to membrane treatment or other processes.


Multi-media filtration equipment is suited for suspended solids and particulate removal. Filtration media is selected based on application requirements and is capable of removing particles down to 5 micron in size. Multi-media filtration provides a greater degree of solids removal than sand filtration. Multimedia provides a progressive degree of filtration as the liquid passes through the filtration bed. The media is layered with courser media at the top of the bed and sequentially finer media towards the bottom of the bed.

Granular Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is capable of removing dissolved compounds present in the water which cannot be removed by sand, or multimedia methods. GAC removes contaminants using the principle of absorption to remove dissolved organics, chlorine, taste and odor.

Organophillic Clay

Organophillic clay media is highly effective for Hydrocarbon removal and is able to remove 50% of its weight in oil. Organo clay may be used as a standalone filtration product or in combination with Carbon treatment when targeting multiple contaminants. Organoclay is capable of removing 700% more oil and grease than carbon alone. Organo-clay may be applied as post-treatment to oil water separators, water treatment systems, membranes and evaporators or may be used as pre-treatment to Carbon, ion-exchange resin and membranes.

Typical Applications

Cooling Water

Irrigation Water

Membrane Pre-Treatment

Chlorine Removal

Color & Odor Removal

Process Water

Groundwater Remediation

Industrial Effluent



Oilfield Produced Water

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