WESCOR supplies a complete line of water treatment chemistries for use in most water treatment applications. We conduct a no-charge wastestream evaluation to determine the appropriate chemical treatment program for each wastewater. As no two waste streams are identical, our ability to supply custom formulated liquid and dry chemistries permit optimization of the water treatment program.

WESCOR treatment programs are designed to meet our customers’ needs with a focus on exceptional effluent quality, minimal chemistry usage, sludge reduction and ease of use. Our water treatment chemistries include:

Clay-Based Flocculants

​Clay-based flocculants couple the principle of conventional treatment technology with the simplicity of a single addition chemistry. A conventional approach to wastewater treatment applies a multistep, and often time consuming process for removal of suspended solids, oils, and metals from wastewater. This complex process requires multiple pieces of equipment which consume significant floor space.

Clay-based flocculant is supplied in granular form and comprised of a mixture of bentonite clay, ph adjusting compounds, coagulants, and flocculants. Each of the additives are carefully selected to create a customized treatment formulation specific to the wastestream being treated. The clay flocculant treatment process conducts each of the steps that a traditional system would use, however the process occurs quickly and sequentially. The treatment can be conducted in a single tank with minimal supervision.

After being introduced to the wastewater the clay flocculant is agitated for a few minutes. Following agitation a large, robust floc is formed which has captured the contaminant and removed it from the wastewater. The large floc quickly separates from the water permitting efficient filtration by means of a simple filter such as a gravity filter bed.

The bentonite clay component of the material has a high ion exchange capacity which is capable of capturing contaminants within the matrix of the clay structure. Due to this attribute, the filter cake produced encapsulates all contaminants which were removed from the wastewater; resulting in a non-hazardous solid waste which is suitable for disposal to a non-regulated landfill facility.

As no two wastewaters are equal, WESCOR supplies custom formulated clay based flocculants which are developed based on the characteristics of the wastewater sample. A treatabillity study is conducted on each wastewater sample, and a clay based flocculant is formulated to produce the most effective treatment.


Polyelectroytes (Polymers) are commonly used in the water treatment process to flocculate solids in order to facilitate solid/liquid separation. Polymer treatment is capable of handling a wide range of treatment applications including: wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering and solidification.

WESCOR supplies polymers in both liquid and powdered format. We offer an extensive range of cationic, and anionic charged polymers with various molecular weights. WESCOR will help determine the proper polymer for your system ensuring your equipment operates with peak efficiency.


Coagulants are an integral component of a treatment systems ability to produce effective and reliable results. WESCOR carries coagulants effective for emulsion breaking/oil removal, phosphate treatment, suspended solids and metals removal. WESCOR will determine proper coagulant selection to improve system performance and minimize operating costs. In order to optimize treatment results, many of our coagulants are custom formulated to meet the demands of the wastestream.

Solidification / Stabilization Material

Waste solidification is a common method of processing liquid waste materials which are not fit for wastewater treatment, or recycling processes. WESCOR Solidification materials are capable of quickly and safely absorbing free liquids, organics and heavy metals, producing a non-leachable solid waste which can be easily handled and removed for off-site disposal.

Solidification agents are available in powdered, semi-granular and granular form. Our specialized formulas have the ability to absorb liquid up to 300 times their weight in water, providing exceptional results with minimal chemical additions. Conventional solidification material such as fly ash, cement, kiln dust and saw dust require large quantities of material to adequately absorb free liquid which significantly increases off-site transport costs of shipping the material to landfill.

WESCOR solidification materials are suitable for use in solidification/stabilization of:

Oily Sludges/Skimmings

Tank Bottoms

Product Features:

Paint Waste

Lagoon Clean-Out/Dredging

General Facility Clean-Out

Pass Slump/Paint Filter Test

Mixes Quickly

Pass TCLP Test

Minimal Volume Increase

Absorbs Free Standing Liquids

Handles a Wide Variety of Wastes

Forms Non-Leachable Solid Waste