Filter Press

WESCOR’s filter press is a simple means of dewatering solids with a high degree of reliability from a simple, robust piece of equipment.
Recessed, gasketed plates

Automatic hydraulics

Pump control packages

Simple low maintenance design
High solids content in filter cake
High quality filtered effluent
Chemical conditioning often not required

Operation Details

WESCOR’S filter press is capable of filtering and dewatering solids produced in water treatment or other processes. The filter press yields filter cake with a high degree of dryness. The filtering process operates unattended and with a high degree of reliability.

The filter press is constructed of a structural steel frame which supports and pressurizes the filter plates. The plates utilize a re-usable filter cloth which is available in a variety of mesh sizes. The cloths are fixed within the vertical plate structure. A number of plates are organized beside on another and held tightly together by a hydraulic ram. The surface of each plate is recessed which creates chambers between one another. Liquid to be filtered is pumped into the press and passes through the filter cloth. Solids are captured on the cloth and gradually form a filter cake within each of the recessed chambers. As the filter press begins to fill with solids the pump pressure is increased resulting in a greater degree of dewatering of the sludge cake. When the filter press is full, remaining water is purged from the filter cake by a compressed air blown-down cycle.

Typical Applications

Food Production



Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Metal Plating/Metal Hydroxide Sludge

Potable Water Treatment

Biological Waste Activated Sludge

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