Batch Treatment System

WESCOR Batch Treatment Systems provide a turn-key batch treatment process capable of treating a complete range of waste streams. The batch treatment process permits total control over each step of the treatment sequence.
Stainless or mild steel construction

Integrated treatment tank with agitator(s)

Gravity filter bed

Chemical feed system

Influent & effluent pumps

Automated or manual control system

Operation Details

A batch treatment system utilizes chemical treatment technology to clarify wastewater. The equipment provides complete control over the treatment process & is typically suitable for small to mid-sized waste streams. Batch processing permits simple adjustments to the treatment process which can often be necessary on variable or concentrated wastewater.

Batch processing generally consists of a treatment tank, agitators, chemical feed, pumping system, solids separation & filtration. This system may be configured to use dry or liquid chemistry. We have several turn-key configurations. A variety of equipment models are available which provides attractive economics for both the small and midsized users. Dependant of plant preferences; filtration type, chemical feed and manual or automation control packages are offered.

Typical Applications

Oily Wastewater

Spent coolants & lubricants, parts washing water, vibratory finishing effluent, floor scrubber/mop buckets, emulsion splitting, pit/trench water, storm water/runoff

Food Production

CIP / Sanitization wastewater, food washing & preparation wastewater

Metal Finishing

Wash booth effluent, vibratory waste, phosphate treatment

General Industry

Paint water waste, equipment wash water, production tank clean-out

Printing & Corrugated Industry

Starch, metals, inks and adhesives


Heavy equipment wash water, tanker truck wash-out, turf care equipment


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